Baiko Eleanor Graves to Offer Way Seeking Mind Talk March 13, 2014

All Beings Sangha Guest speaker, Baiko Eleanor Graves will give a Way Seeking Mind Talk to include poetry and a little something about Zen Master Dogen.


Baiko Eleanor Graves has been studying and practicing zazen since 1993, including four years at Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery, a traditional Zen Buddhist monastery in the Los Padres National Forest near Carmel Valley, California. She also spent one year at Green Gulch Farm and three months at No Abode Hermitage, both in Marin County. Eleanor recently earned a Masters of Interior Design at the Corcoran College of Art + Design and works at Amicus Green Building Center. In her free time, she hikes with her dogs in Rock Creek Park and writes poetry.

7pm opening service
7:10 Zazen
7:25 Baiko Eleanor Graves Talk
8:00 Period for questions