The Zen of Screens – a workshop September 24th, 8am-9:30am

Join us for this exploration of the way in which the time we spend looking and interacting with Screens (smartphones, computers, etc.) has an impact on body, mind and soul.

“Our growing use of screens (smartphones, computers, etc.) raises questions for each of us: What is our relationship with our screens? How do screens make us more and less connected?  How do they bear on our spiritual journey?

8am-9:30am                            Please RSVP:

Here is a basic outline of our upcoming event

Program for “The Zen of Screens”

  • Ten-minute meditation
  • Motivation for workshop—Surveys show that adults think they spend two hours of screen time per day, but they actually spend four hours. The dominance of screens in our life raises new questions: What is our relationship with your screens? How do screens make us more or less connected?  How do they bear on our spiritual journeys?
  • Discussion 1—Each participant can say a few words on screens in their life.
  • Exercise 1—Each participant spends 10 mindful minutes on their screen doing their most common activities, followed by a 10 minute body scan meditation. Discussion.
  • Discussion 2—Most folks feel they are too caught up in screens, and their posture and thinking reflect excessive use. What is it that explains our excessive use? Screens could be another way for us to avoid our discomfort and naturally leads to consideration of the four noble truths.
  • Discussion 3

o   Skillful screen use—Practical tips for how we use screens eg clean up apps, keep screen in different room…

o   Skillful screen time— Record your screen time; hide digital distractions; digital fasting.

  • Final discussion


Shinren Mark Stone will help us develop our awareness of the influence of screens on body, mind and soul. Bring your favorite device!”


Fall 2017 Book Club: The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti


The book we’ll be reading this fall is Robert A.F. Thurman’s translation of the Vimalakirti Sutra.  The discussions  will be at All Beings on October 14th and November 4th.

There a few different ways to get this text.

It exists at a few university libraries in the area, so if you happen to have borrowing privileges at AU, GW, GM, or UMD, by all means pick up a copy there.

It’s on Amazon for $24.

But then also, it’s free as a PDF.

Join us October 14th, 2017 8-9:30am to begin our dialogue around this text.  Feel welcome to bring other translations as well.   All are welcome.

The choice is yours!  Hope that helps.  Feel free to e-mail me, Sam Reggio if you’re having trouble finding a copy.  Thanks, and happy reading.