Fall 2017 Upcoming Events

December 3rd  Sunday 6pm begins Rohatsu Sesshin

Link here for schedule

December 3rd  Sunday 1pm Precepts Receiving Ceremony


(following Jundo and short period of zazen)

Naomi Knoble to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

December 1st  Friday 6:30am

(following Jundo and short period of zazen)

Naomi Knoble to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

November 30th  Thursday 7pm (following one period of zazen)

2017 ABZS Shuso Myoshin Carlos Moura to offer

Practice Period Talk on “Doing One Thing”

November 17th  Friday 6:30am

(following Jundo and short period of zazen)

Hoa Nguyen to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

November 10th  Friday 6:30am

(following Jundo and short period of zazen)

Geoff Hipschman to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

November 11th  Sensei Inryu leading the Zazenkai for One Heart Sangha in Silver Spring MD 

Location: Christ Congregational Church location

  • All Day Sitting: Monthly sittings occur one Saturday a month from 8:40 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (First bell 9:00 a.m.)   half day is permitted, let us know.
  • Suggested donation: $15, bring lunch, tea provided.
  • To register, send an e-mail to registration@silverspringzendo.org.

November 12th Sensei Inryu leading One Day Zen Retreat for

All Beings Zen Sangha in Adams Morgan – all are welcome!

Location: All Beings Zen Sangha Adams Morgan

  • Full Day Zen Retreat:  6:30 a.m. early bird arrival/10am late joiners arrival ending at  5:00 p.m.
  • Suggested donation: $15- $30 (vegan Oryoki breakfast and lunch provided and afternoon tea)
  • RSVP to inryu@allbeingszen.org
  • Planning to attend thus far are:  Inryu, Eric, Hoa, David, Matthew, Myoshin, Ben, Geoff – Join us!

Fall 2017 Way Seeking Mind Talk’s in October

November 3rd Friday 6:30am (following Jundo and short period of zazen)

Robert Quinn to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

October 27th Friday 6:30am (following Jundo and short period of zazen)

ABZS Treasuer and Chidan Eric Jonas to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

October 19th  Thursday 7pm (following one period of zazen)

ABZS  Publishing Director John Flanagan to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

October 20th Friday 6:30am (following Jundo and short period of zazen)

ABZS Evening Service Doan David Sarpal to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

October 12th  Thursday 7pm (following one period of zazen)

2017 ABZS Shuso Myoshin Carlos Moura to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk

October 13th Friday 6:30am (following Jundo and short period of zazen)

2017 ABZS Benji (Shuso’s assistant) Ben Ourisman to offer

Way Seeking Mind Talk 

The Zen of Screens – a workshop September 24th, 8am-9:30am

Join us for this exploration of the way in which the time we spend looking and interacting with Screens (smartphones, computers, etc.) has an impact on body, mind and soul.

“Our growing use of screens (smartphones, computers, etc.) raises questions for each of us: What is our relationship with our screens? How do screens make us more and less connected?  How do they bear on our spiritual journey?

8am-9:30am                            Please RSVP: inryu@allbeingszen.org

Here is a basic outline of our upcoming event

Program for “The Zen of Screens”

  • Ten-minute meditation
  • Motivation for workshop—Surveys show that adults think they spend two hours of screen time per day, but they actually spend four hours. The dominance of screens in our life raises new questions: What is our relationship with your screens? How do screens make us more or less connected?  How do they bear on our spiritual journeys?
  • Discussion 1—Each participant can say a few words on screens in their life.
  • Exercise 1—Each participant spends 10 mindful minutes on their screen doing their most common activities, followed by a 10 minute body scan meditation. Discussion.
  • Discussion 2—Most folks feel they are too caught up in screens, and their posture and thinking reflect excessive use. What is it that explains our excessive use? Screens could be another way for us to avoid our discomfort and naturally leads to consideration of the four noble truths.
  • Discussion 3

o   Skillful screen use—Practical tips for how we use screens eg clean up apps, keep screen in different room…

o   Skillful screen time— Record your screen time; hide digital distractions; digital fasting.

  • Final discussion


Shinren Mark Stone will help us develop our awareness of the influence of screens on body, mind and soul. Bring your favorite device!”


Sept 4th Labor Day Half Day Zen Meditation Retreat

Hoping some of you can join us for a half day meditation retreat on Labor Day September 4th, 2017

When:  6:30am-12noon (early birds) or 9am (later birds).
Post lunch Zen Sewing/Precept study (all are welcome).
Where: Adams Morgan Zendo
What:  Zazen, Kinhin, Oryoki and Zen Sewing
Food: Oryoki Breakfast provided after 6:30 zazen.  Lunch will be taken out in the neighborhood/or BYO brown bag.
Inryu will offer Dokusan between 9-11am.
For more details or to RSVP contact :  inryubobbi@gmail.com

Call for artists

Call to Artists! All Beings Zen Sangha is announcing a call to artists for the 2018 Sangha calendar project. Submissions are now being accepted for drawings, paintings, photography, poetry, brief writings, and other forms in digital format. Please submit up to three works for consideration via e-mail to Inryu at inryubobbi@gmail.com and John  at emailjohnf@gmail.com.

photo by John Flanagan

June 2017 Events

June 8th, Thursday at 7pm – Way Seeking Mind Talk by Sangha Member Robert Quinn on the subject: Trying to find freedom within my limits RSVP inryu@allbeingszen.org

June 17, Saturday at 7 p.m. All Beings Zen Sangha will host a film night at Maitri House, the community where Sangha member Eric Jonas lives. We will show the 2015 Burmese film, Golden Kingdom (trailer here: https://goo.gl/w5ExVQ). Shot on location in Burma with a cast comprised almost entirely of young Burmese monks, the film tells the story of four Burmese child monks left to fend for themselves while their abbott is called away from their monastery. It deals with themes of coming of age through a Buddhist lens. You can read a review of it here: https://goo.gl/8sBENf

Our house is located at 251 Manor Circle in Takoma Park, about a 1 mile walk from the Takoma Metro station. There is usually ample free street parking: https://goo.gl/maps/KCsYv5SVan42 RSVP inryu@allbeingszen.org
June 25th – Sunday 9am – 12noon. Join us for a morning retreat focusing on zazen with intervals of zen sewing. In Suzuki Roshi’s lineage, zen sewing as in integral component of practice. Come and learn about sewing the Kashaya (Buddha’s robe) and how to use working with needle and thread to deepen your zen practice. All are welcome. RSVP inryu@allbeingszen.org

Summer Events

  • July 22nd – ABZS Open ABZS Board of Directors Meeting – Highland, MD
  • Aug 3rd-7th — 5 Day Sesshin at Woodburn Hill Farm, MD

May 25th 7PM- Guest Speaker Shojo Danny Parker

 “Embracing the Inconceivable Power of Life:  The Wisdom of Motomachi”

Rev. Shojo Danny Parker is currently the resident priest at “The Zen Room” in Cocoa Beach Florida.   Rev. Shojo received priest ordination at the Berkeley Zen Center in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in 2011.  His long time zen teacher, Edward Espe Brown was the preceptor.  In addition to being a Zen teacher, Rev. Shojo is a writer, scientist and cook.


Guest Speaker KinKi ShinSei Ilaria Tassi to offer Way Seeking Mind Talk on Thursday May 11th 7pm

Kin Ki Shin Sei Ilaria Tassi to offer a Way Seeking Mind Talk on Thursday May 11th at 7pm

Inspired by the book When Breath Becomes Air by Mr.. Paul Kalanithi (who was a resident in neurosurgery when he died of lung cancer before completing his residency), Ilaria will talk about her identity as a daughter to her parents and as a scientist in a corporation and how the Dharma teachings guide her in these two important aspects of her life.

Ilaria Tassi is originally from Rome, Italy and moved to St Louis, MO, in 2003 to be trained as scientist in Immunology. She began her zen practice in Washington DC with the All Beings Zen Sangha in 2012. Where she studied with Rev. Inryu Bobbi Ponce-Barger. In April of 2016 she received Jukai with Roshi Dairyu Michael Wenger and Inryu Bobbi Ponce-Barger officiating.

Since 2014 she has lived in San Francisco, where she works as a scientist in a start-up company that is working to find cures to neuro-degenerative diseases. She currently practices at the San Francisco Zen Center with Anshin Rosalie Curtis and at Dragon’s Leap Meditation Center with Roshi Dairyu Michael Wenger.


Photo by Muhammad Alhawagri

Guest Speaker – Roshi Kotatsu John Bailes on Dogen’s “Ocean Mudra Samadhi”, Sunday April 30th, 2pm

Guest Dharma Teacher,  Roshi Kotatsu John Bailes to offer  a Dharma talk on Dogen Zenji’s “Ocean Mudra Samadhi”.

Sunday April 30th 2pm

Soto Zen Priest, Kotatsu John Bailes practiced Zen at the San Francisco Zen Center from the age of 19 to 32, 1972 through 1984. He was ordained a Zen Priest by Richard Baker Roshi in 1977, lived at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, a Zen monastery, for three years, practiced at Green Gulch Farm and the City Center in San Francisco during which time he held various positions from garbage man to Abbot’s Assistant and “Head” of the Zendo.

From 1984 until 2004 he practiced as an ordinary citizen while receiving a degree in International Political Economy from Harvard University, developing the Investment Advisory and Securities Division of a regional financial planning firm in the Boston area, marrying the visual artist Jesa Damora in 1989, participating in a sailboat race around the world in 2000 – 01 and becoming a professional sailboat captain, USCG 100 Ton Sail, RYA Yacht Master Ocean, and sailing about all over the world.

In 2004 John returned to community dharma practice, received the precepts from and was recognized and acknowledged as a Zen Teacher by Zoketsu Norman Fischer who invited him to participate in the Everyday Zen Community, the Red Cedar Zen Community of Bellingham, Washington, where he was Shuso, Head Monk, and the Mountain Rain Zen Community of Vancouver BC all of whom so kindly adopted him and helped him Open to this One Heart of Being. We cannot do this alone.

Kotatsu currently resides in Somerville, MA and is the guiding teacher for the Monmouth Zen Circle/Compassion Ocean Sangha in NJ.

RSVP: inryu@allbeingszen.org